1UP Racing Grease & Oil Lubricant Pro Pack w/Pit Stand

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This is a 1UP Racing Grease & Oil Lubricant Pro Pack with Pit Stand, a handy set-up for your lubrication needs in the pit. This pack includes 8ml bottles of the 1UP Clear bearing oil and the 1UP Red CV joint oil, along with two 3g containers of 1UP
Gold Anti-wear grease and 1UP Blue o-ring grease. This pack comes with a useful 3D printed stand to keep the bottles and grease pots easily at hand and prevents rolling around the pit table.
  • (1) Pit stand for oils and greases
  • (1) 1UP Clear bearing oil (8ml)
  • (1) 1UP Red CV joint oil (8ml)
  • (1) 1UP Gold Anti-wear grease (3g)
  • (1) 1UP Blue o-ring grease (3g)