ARRMA Truck Roll Hoop



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This super-tough composite truck roll hoop provides replacement parts for your kit supplied items.


  • Super-tough composite material for long-lasting durability in all conditions
  • Specially designed roll hoop with locations for sacrificial screws
  • Complements the styling of the body to which it is fitted
  • Adds protection to the roof of the body to which it is fitted
  • Adds scale realism
  • Features holes into which universal lighter flints with dimensions of 2.2x5mm can be affixed; these then produce sparks when the vehicle is sliding upside-down on an abrasive surface


  • (1) Roll hoop molding
  • (6) Roll hoop footing
  • (2) Fitting collar
  • (4) Roll hoop screw button


  • TDR705038 to be used as sacrificial screw (4x10mm Set Screw)