Crazy Crawler LaserFoam “FT Pro Spur Master” 1.9 Foam Crawler Tire Insert (4) (4.75″ Tires)



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The Crazy Crawler LaserFoam FT Pro tire insert system is a modular tire insert option developed for competition and performance focused drivers running 4.75″ tires. The FT Pro system uses three user selectable LaserFoam rings in each tire – and each package includes four foams. The red “Spur Master” is the ring that provides the lateral stability. The Spur Master insert is supported on each side by your choice of “Heavy Duty” or “Basic” rings that are added to the tire depending on the desired grip and weight of the model.

The Red Spur Master differs from previous LaserFoams. The prongs are cut deeper, with a steeper angle. It is cut slightly smaller than the FT “Basic” and “Heavy Duty” support rings to prevent the tire contact patch from being distorted and over-inflating the tire.

To finish off the package, choose “Basic” support rings for harder compound tires, lighter trucks under 7 pounds, or when you want maximum traction. Choose “Heavy Duty” support rings for softer compound tires, or heavier rigs that need more support. Additionally, choose from Heavy Duty and Basic in 15mm or 20mm widths as needed to tailor the insert for different tire widths, and fill out the tire perfectly. 

NOTE: Ideally, you want the insert to be slightly narrower than the width of the tire. Mix and match support rings as needed to create the optimal insert for your tire. 

  • 42-45mm Wide Tire: Use two 15mm support rings with one Spur Master to create a 40mm wide insert.
  • 47-50mm Wide Tire: Use one 15mm and one 20mm support ring with one Spur Master to create a 45mm wide insert.
  • 52mm + Wide Tire: Use two 20mm support rings with one Spur Master to create a 50mm wide insert.


Material: Closed Cell, WP magic (hard)

Points: 28

Outside diameter: 114 mm

Inner diameter: 50 mm

Width: 10mm

Weight: 4g ea


  • (4) FT Pro Spur Master Insert Rings