GSpeed Chassis Carbon Fiber FS (Blue)

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Introducing the GS-FS Chassis for your Class 2, Class 3, Cheater Rig or Trail

FS= Forward Skid. Compared to the TGH-V3 and GS-V4, the GS-FS skid plate is
moved forward 26mm

8 degree angled skid plate

Axial 3 gear transmission or other narrow transmissions, like the Delux Fab,
work great with the GS-FS Chassis mounted on the white 78mm GSPEED skid plate
or the 67mm G-SHOT skid plate

Forward motor mount is not compatible 

2.low transmission works great on the 78mm wide white delrin GSPEED skid
plate, using 2 TGH wedge shims with the TGH adapter plate (available in the
Team Garage Hack Collection on the GSPEED Chassis website). The 2.low
transmission, on the 67mm G-SHOT skid plate, with full size motor is not
compatible. Using wedge shims with the 2.low transmission on the G-SHOT skid
plate will work with short outrunner motors like the 3Brothers RC

Compatible printed sliders and G-SHOT-FS package