GSpeed Chassis G10 V3 (Vader Skid Plate)

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Rails are CNC cut from G10 material, which is fiberglass fibers mixed with epoxy resin, compressed under high heat and pressure. G10 is commonly used for knife handles and circuit boards. 

The TGH-V3 is a collaborated design between GSPEED and Team Garage Hack. The drastically angled skid plate allows your rig to make cleaner break overs and much cleaner exiting of competition gates. The TGH-V3 also has plenty of shock and suspension link mounting locations to adapt to your custom build and will bolt up to any aftermarket scx10 or 10ii skid plate.

This package deal includes

G10 material GSPEED TGH-V3 Chassis rails

One aluminum GSPEED TFR panhard mount

One black Vader Products delrin skid plate. Both super slippery for sliding over rocks and debris. Both 78mm wide

One set GSPEED TGH-V3 black 3D printed sliders.