Onyx S35 Standard Sport Servo



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Expertly engineered Onyx servos deliver the speed, torque and precision needed for optimal results in a wide variety of applications. Onyx servo options allow you to match your needs to the letter. Select from analog or digital styles, plastic or metal gears, and options with ball bearings and coreless motors. Onyx servos are solid buys in long-lasting performance and a pleasant surprise in value. Onyx servos are a simple way to enjoy savings without sacrificing performance. All Onyx servos are protected by a 1-year limited warranty. All also include a universal connector and mounting hardware.


  • Height: 1.4 in (37mm)
  • Gear Material: Plastic
  • Torque: 68 oz-in (4.9 kg-cm) @ 4.8V; 73 oz-in (5.3 kg-cm) @ 6.0V
  • Width: 0.79 in (20 mm)
  • Servo Size Category: Standard
  • Bushing Or Bearing: Bushing
  • Speed: 0.18 sec/60 deg @ 4.8V, 0.16 sec/60 deg @ 6.0V
  • Weight: 1.3 oz (38 g)
  • Length: 1.6 in (40 mm)
  • Spline Count: 25 Teeth
  • Servo Operating Voltage: 4.8 – 6.0V