Samix SCX10 II Rear Brass Weight Set (4)



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The Samix SCX10 II Rear Brass Weight Set is an incredibly useful tuning option for your AR44 equipped build. By adding up to 5.7 ounces of weight to the rear of your truck, this weight system will help to balance out the front/rear weight bias and give your nose heavy rig a distinct performance advantage – especially when descending technical drops.

These weights feature a unique design that allows the weights to be stacked two per side. The threaded inner weight screws onto the Samix Rear Lockout and weighs 43 grams, while the outer weight bolts to the inner and weighs 37 grams for a total of 80 grams per side. This allows you to choose between running only the two inner weights for an addition of 86 grams, or run all four weights for a total of 160 grams. Package includes two inner weights, two outer weights and hardware.

NOTE: These are only compatible with Samix Rear Lock Outs (SAMSCX2-6015).