Spektrum RC DX6 Rugged 6-Channel DSMR Surface Radio (Transmitter Only)(Orange)

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The Spektrum DX6 Rugged 6-channel surface system sets fresh standards in
durability, offering unmatched innovation that off-roaders, bashers, and
boaters won’t want to be without. With advanced programming features and an
intuitive Tap User Interface Panel, it provides precision control and
convenience, all packaged in a bold, aggressive design focused on
class-leading durability.

About the DX6 Rugged


One of the standout features of the Spektrum DX6 Rugged Radio is its
unparalleled durability, which is specifically engineered to withstand the
harsh conditions encountered by off-roaders, bashers, and boaters. With a
frame surrounded by molded Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) bumpers, this
transmitter is built to endure drops, bumps, and scrapes without
compromising performance. Its water-resistant* design ensures reliability
even in inclement weather, providing peace of mind for enthusiasts who
venture into wet or rainy environments. Additionally, the internal ridge
protects the high-speed signal output, eliminating concerns about snagging
external antennas and ensuring consistent connectivity in any situation.


Another key feature of the DX6 Rugged is its innovative Tap User Interface
Panel, which revolutionizes the way users interact with their transmitter.
This advanced interface offers intuitive navigation through the
transmitter’s programming options, allowing for seamless customization and
precision control. With just a tap, users can access menus, options, and
values, streamlining the setup process and enhancing overall user
experience. Combined with the backlit LED display, which ensures visibility
in any lighting condition, the Tap User Interface Panel makes it easier than
ever to configure the transmitter to suit individual preferences and driving


The DX6 Rugged also excels in providing unmatched versatility and control
over RC vehicles, thanks to its six fully proportional channels and
ergonomic design. With options for tailoring the transmitter to suit
personal preferences, users can enjoy a comfortable and ergonomic grip
during extended use, minimizing fatigue and maximizing precision.
Furthermore, the innovative thumb-steering lever enables safer and more
precise one-hand operation, enhancing convenience without compromising
control. Whether navigating challenging terrain or engaging in high-speed
maneuvers, the Spektrum DX6 Rugged empowers enthusiasts to push the limits
of their off-road adventures with confidence and precision.


  • Advanced programming features, with new Tap User Interface Panel
  • Updated backlit LED Display makes it easier to see your screen in day or
  • Bold styling that’s aggressive with a focus on class-leading durability
  • Surrounded rubber-bumper chassis protection
  • Innovative thumb-steering lever makes one-hand operation safer and more
  • Multiple mixing setups, including Motor on Axle (MOA)
  • Six fully proportional channels
  • USB Connectivity for firmware updates and game controller


  • (1) DX6 Rugged 6-channel Surface Transmitter (Orange)
  • (1) Product Manual

Needed To Complete:

  • (4) AA Transmitter Batteries