Crawler Innovations “Deuce’s Wild” 4.50″ Single Stage Tuning Disc (4)



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Información del Producto

Crawler Innovations was the first to combine closed cell and open cell foam into one package with our Double Deuce and Lil’ Nova product lines. After we’d perfected those systems, we turned our attention towards the faster paced rock racer, heavy scalers, and basher genres. The Deuce’s Wild Foam line was created. Using only the firm inner material, while focusing on the machined size and shape of the foam.

The Deuce’s Wild Tuning Disc set consists of four closed cell foam discs. These discs are designed to add width to your foams inside the tire. Generally it is recommended to install one disc on the outside of all four foams inside the tires. The discs do not fold over under load whether it’s high speed, heavy weight, or simply turning. The discs can easily be trimmed with scissors to reduce the O.D. or increase the I.D.

Approximate size: 4.50″ O.D. x 2.125″ I.D. x .250″ Thickness