Gens Ace IMars Dual Port AC/DC Charger (6S/15A/100W x 2) (Black)

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Gens Ace IMars Dual Port AC/DC Charger (6S/15A/100W x 2) (Black)

The Gens Ace IMars Dual Port AC/DC Charger is a great option for home and
field charging. Capable of 15 amp charge rates, this charger is perfect for
charging both surface and air batteries. This charger features a simple menu
layout and is both AC and DC compatible. The precision balance system helps to
keep cell voltage consistent and can aid in reliability. Package includes one
dual port charger.

  • Dual Channel AC/DC Smart Balance Charger
  • Small & Lightweight Portable Design with wide-view IPS Display
  • High power charging, capable of Max15 amp charge rates for one channel
  • External discharge function
  • Synchronous output, 2-in-1 Fast-charging
  • Built-in DC power source for different devices
  • Controlled heat dissipation system
  • Temperature compensation function
  • Short circuit, Overcurrent, Overcharge, Overvoltage protection
  • Input Voltage:
    • AC:
    • DC:
  • Output Voltage:
    DC 1~30V
  • Max Input Current:
    DC 30A
  • Max Discharging Power:
    15W x 2
  • Maximum Charging Power:
    • AC:
      100W x 2
    • DC:
      300W x 2
  • Charge Current:
    0.1-15A x 2
  • Discharge Current:
    0.1~3A x 2
  • Cell Balancing:
  • USB Output:
  • Display Type:
    2.4 inch IPS LCD Display
  • Supported Battery Chemistries:
    LiPo/LIHV/LiFe 1~6S; NiMH/Cd 1~16S
  • Dimensions:
    145x76x62 mm
  • Product Net Weight: