GSpeed G-SHOT FS Performance Package

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The G-SHOT-FS performance package for the GS-FS chassis rails

Designed by Team Driver Dan Thompson. Designed to be ran with the GS-FS

Moving the links closer together at the front of the skid plate reduces the
roll center in the front allowing the front axle to conform to the rocks a
little easier. Widening the rear links adds roll center to stabilize the the
truck wile climbing. The total width of the G-SHOT skid plate is only 67mm.
Includes transmission mounting holes for the TGH 2.low, axial 3 gear type,
Element transmission.

TGH-T210 transmission can be ran in the G-SHOT-FS setup by using the blank
G-SHOT skid plate and mounting the transmission on the drivers side.

TGH-2.low transmission can be used with short outrunner motors with 2 wedge

Included: G-SHOT skid plate w/ links and chassis rail mounting hardware,
G-SHOT-FS sliders, G-SHOT front bumper and G-SHOT front body mount. 

GS-FS chassis rails sold separately 

G-SHOT-FS suspension links available at Hardcore RC