GSpeed G-SHOT Skid Plate



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– G-SHOT 67mm wide, white delrin skid plate and hardware: (1) 3mm x 20mm set
screw, (2) 3mm x 20mm SS button head screws, (2) 3mm x 12mm SS button head

Transmission mounting holes for the TGH 2.low, axial 3 gear type, Element and
the TGH Creeper T
Tgh-2.low sets at 2 different angled positions to fit larger motors. 
The regular TJRC and Vader skid plates are 78mm wide. The G-SHOT skid is 67mm
wide allowing for better side clearance. The G-SHOT skid plate front link
mounts are close together and the rear link mounts are placed wider, close to
the rails.
Moving the links closer together at the front of the skid plate reduces the
roll center in the front allowing the front axle to conform to the rocks a
little easier. Widening the rear links adds roll center to stabilize the the
truck while climbing steep cheater lines.