Spektrum RC BT2000 DX3 Smart Bluetooth Module

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The optional Spektrum RC BT2000 bluetooth module is a standalone add on module for the DX3 Smart radio that expands functionality by offering bluetooth connectivity with the Spektrum Dashboard smart device app for Android and Apple devices.

The Spektrum Dashboard is a gateway to various telemetry data sets displayed. Various sensors are displayed such as speed, engine temperature, battery voltage, and more. 

Once installed, the real time telemetry data can be managed for all sensors such as RPM, temperature, receiver (rx) voltage as well as various alarms can be programmed to indicate low voltage, high temperature, and anything else you may find useful.

Installation Tip: Upon initial pairing with the installed Spektrum Bluetooth module, the application will update the transmitter firmware which enables the transmitter to receive telemetry data from the onboard telemetry receiver or telemetry module. Please do not close the application or power off the transmitter during the update process. The Dashboard application will not function until the transmitter is updated.