Team Ottsix Racing Voodoo KLR MT 4.19 1.9″ Crawler Tires (2) (No Foam)



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Información del Producto

Ottsix Voodoo KLR MT 4.19 1.9″ Crawler Tires are the ultimate class 1 competition tire. Featuring a “modified Trep” cut that is found in the full scale world and molded in the super sticky VEX Red compound, these tires are pure performance. VEX Red is similar in chemistry as the venerable VEX Gold, but even softer while still retaining similar wear characteristics in most conditions. Package includes two tires.

Foam inserts not included. Ottsix developed the KLR 2-Stage Insert (OTT-19FOAM419) specifically for these tires, that will bring out the best performance qualities of the tire.

Inner Diameter:
Outer Diameter: 4.19″
Tread With: 1.3″

Tire cleaning tips (from the manufacturer): Use Simple Green for general cleaning. To clean to the bare rubber, use Purple Power Cleaner or Easy Off Oven Cleaner (These cleaners are safe for the rubber compound. DO NOT use acetone or other solvents).