Treal Hobby Capra Brass Outer Portal Cover Counterweight (Black) (2) (35g)

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Treal Hobby Axial Capra outer Front Portal Covers Counter Weights. Constructed
from high-quality heavy-weight brass, these optional counterweights are
intended for the Axial Capra chassis as a tuning option for adding 70g of
total unsprung weight to lower the (Center of Gravity) CG and enhance crawling
performance and stability.


  • Perfect fit and upgrade for the Axial Capra
  • Designed for Treal Hobby brass portal covers (TLHTCAPRA-06)
  • High quality heavyweight brass
  • Adds 70g of total unsprung weight
  • Lowers the CG and enhances crawling performance and stability
  • Adds bling and style to your rig


  • (2) Brass Outer Portal Cover Counter Weights