Trinity Revtech XF8 1/8 Scale Buggy Sensored Brushless Motor (2000kV)

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The Trinity XF8 1/8 Scale Buggy Sensored Brushless Motor brings innovative
construction making the XF8 a potent and competitive motor option. Available
in several Kv options there is an ideal motor choice for a variety of tracks
and conditions. The XF8 features an innovative staggered 8-magnet design
offering low cogging and excellent torque improving slow speed control and
throttle feel around corners. Keeping power consistent an open motor case
design was used to increase airflow and lower motor temps. The XF8 series
has several updated features separating it apart from the rest.

  • Innovative 8-magnet “staggered Magnet” rotor that offers low cogging
    effect and torque pulsation greatly improves control feel around corners.
  • Mechanical timing adjustable 40 degrees (CCW/CW).
  • Open Can Design to increase internal air circulation and reduces heat.
  • Rebuildable design for easy routine maintenance which will prolong the
    motor life.
  • CNC machined aluminum Can, high purity copper windings, rotor structure,
    high-quality alloy steel output shaft, and high-precision bearings for
    high durability and smoothness.
  • Updated 90 Degree “U” solder tabs at the bottom of the motor for easy
    soldering and wiring.
  • Designed to accommodate all 1:8 applications
  • High-Strength and Heat Resistant Magnet Formula
  • Advanced Hall Sensing System design separating the rotor magnet from the
    magnet pickup that Insures a Clear Signal and Protects from Other Signal
  • Precision CNC Machined Aluminum Alloy Case
  • High Heat Resistant Pure Copper Wire
  • Sensored and Sensorless Compatibility
  • Replaceable Sensor Board
  • Replaceable Rotor
  • High RPM Precision Bearings
  • Meets ROAR Specifications
: 2S to 6S LiPo/LiHV
: 69mm
: 330g