Venom UNI 2.0 XT60 Male to EC3 Battery Adapter (1)


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This is the Venom UNI 2.0 XT60 male to EC3 battery adapters. These Venom XT60 male to EC3 female battery adapters offer a simple solution to mismatched plug types in a build. Convert any battery with an XT60 connector to EC3 with this single piece, low-resistance, gold-plated adapter. These adapters can also be used to convert your models ESC EC3 plug to XT60. Designed with spring connectors and made using high-temp nylon, the Venom UNI 2.0 XT60 male to EC3 female adapter provides a strong and dependable connection that is perfect for high-current applications. These connectors are perfect for RC Quadcopters, Drones, UAVs, Airplanes, Jets, Cars, and Trucks, as well as RC boats.

Tech Specs:
Amp Rating: 60A

1 x Venom UNI 2.0 XT60 Male to EC3 Female Battery Adapter